Wednesday, 3 February 2010

My Valentine

After spending so much free time working on my new home, I decided I really needed to see something of my new town. So I went shopping, which was a good idea, because it reminded me of why I wanted to live here in the first place. And that is good to realize since I'm getting a little tired of all the hard work in the house. But Delft is such a cute town. I wish I could send it Valentine's card, I'm totally falling in love with it. I found many nice shops. In one of them, I started chatting with the owner and it turned out we live in the same street.
Anyway, I also found some nice thrift shops and there I thrifted this small glass and the little game.

The glass would look nice in our bedroom I think, because the wallpaper also has orange in it.

The game I might cut up for collages. When I opended the box, I did not only found the game inside, but also a poem. As it turned out, this game once was a Sinterklaas gift to someone. (Sinterklaas is a Dutch tradition in which we give each other gifts accompanied by a poem).

By the way, I've tried to edit the pictures in the online version of Photoshop. It was my first attempt to edit pictures, but I was not happy with all the results. I feel I really have to learn this, to show the colours and brightness of the items photographed, especially when the light is poor on grey days like these. What do you think, how does it look? They are all edited, beside the last one Any tips? Which program do you use?


Marion Pannekoek said...

Het begint allemaal met een goeie foto, dus GEEN oranje vazen op de achtergrond bij je glas! Verder moet je eerst je witbalans goed afstellen in je fototoestel. Photoshop is een hele studie hoor. Dat gaat maar niet een twee drie goed.Succes!

Lisette said...

:D Tip: Photoshop is best lastig te leren, dus tenzij je bereid bent daar heel hard op te 'studeren' zou ik eerder voor Photoshop Elements gaan. Dat programma is toegankelijker en het kan ook super veel. Ik heb er zelf niet zoveel ervaring mee (alleen met Photoshop zelf) maar je zou eens iemand kunnen vragen die het programma kent... Succes!

Chaucee said...

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