Monday, 30 August 2010

Sometimes it's just waiting for you on the street...

Where I live, there's an antique and thrift market every weekend in the city centre, and there I just bumped into this dresser. I really like it!

Friday, 20 August 2010

What about Pinterest?

Recently I learned about the existence of a website called Pinterest. Many of you probably know this site but for those who don't, Pinterest is a site where you can "pin" all the interesting things you find on the internet on your own virtual pinboards. For me, it seemed like the perfect solution for all the pictures and links that I am saving on my computer, and the one at work, and on my husbands notebook, my Moleskines, and of course my favourites on Etsy, Google Reader and so on. Of course, when I am looking for one of those images I can never find them. And when I do, I don't remember how I got them, which is not so nice if you want to show them on your blog and give proper credits. So from now on, I' am using Pinterest. I'm still pinning things from all the sources I mentioned above, so apologies if I missed some of the credits. Hopefully I'll do better with this new tool.
Anyway, I’m allowed to invite five friends to Pinterest, so leave a comment if you want an invite!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Art journal try-out

This summer I went to Stockholm (tell you more about that later) and soon after that we went to our summerhouse near the sea. My mum was there too and she brought some postcard sized aquarelle paper and water-soluble crayons. I wanted to try them and with Stockholm still fresh in my mind I made two postcards in art journal style. I like the result, and it is a great way to keep memories alive, so I might try to start a little art journal later this year.

It would be a great way to use the many hours I spent in the train commuting to work. I need to find other materials though, because the crayons I used (Caran d'Ache) were not really suited for the job to my opinion. The good thing of the crayons is you can use them without water in the train, and than finish it with water at home. However, when using such a small paper size (A6) I need something that you can use for very detailed work. And since small paper is easier to carry with you, I might try markers or perhaps aquarelle pencils. But I am afraid the colours won't be bright enough then. What do you think?

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Screenprinting class (4)

This is the final print I made in my screenprinting class and the one I am most proud of. It took me a couple of lessons and a lot of drawing, copying, cutting and glueing but it was definitely worth it. I didn't use the computer at all, so it was a lot of work.

And even though there are definitely things that could have been done better, like putting the birds in a straight line instead of slowly bending down to the right corner this is the first print that I really like to show to other people. It is a great feeling when you wear your own printed shirt and people compliment you on your shirt and you can say: 'made it myself'. Yay!