Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Graduation gift

A couple of months ago one of my best friends graduated from Uni. Me and my friends wanted to give her a special gift and planned to buy her a nice piece of art. We all looked at hundreds of pieces on the internet, mostly on Etsy and Poster Cabaret. In the end we decided to buy this beautiful testprint by Strawberry Luna, with whom I had a very nice email-conversation by the way. As I had to pay shipping fees anyway, I decided I could buy something for myselve just as well. So I bought the V is for Vulture screenprint.

Both items are lovely, just as all the extra's Strawberry Luna sent me, and Luna herself of course. In fact, the whole thing got me interested in screenprinting so next week I am starting with a course myself. I am so excited about that.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! Wow, Marije, thanks so much for doing this little post. Those prints look beautiful! Nice job :)

I am still so flattered and blown away that of all of the prints and artists that you and your friends looked at, that you found and chose me and my work. I'm just really humbled by that. Just, wow.

Thank you bunches sweetie!