Wednesday, 23 March 2011

See more of me...

Life has been pretty busy lately with all the preparations for the baby who is expected at the end of May. We have been painting the nursery, looking for nice vintage furniture online, visiting day care centers, making lists of things to buy and so on. I never expected it would take so much time. But on the other hand, we are also both working (almost) full time and renovating our home, so I guess altogether it is quite a lot.

Luckily I'm still feeling quite good and the baby is doing great. But the downside is that I hardly can't find time to make regular blogposts. However, i do find time for one or two tweets a day. Apparently I'm so much more critical when it comes to blogposts. I want the photos to be perfect and write a nice little something to go with them. For tweets, I just take a picture with my Iphone and that's that.

So for those of you who want to see what I'm up to but who don't use Twitter, it's possible to pollow me on Twitpics. You can see al the (crappy) pictures that I post on Twitter there, together with the original Tweet. it's even possible to subscribe to the RSS feed. The most recent pictures are also shown on this blog at the bottom of the right sidebar.

I hope this will help to stay in touch with you all.

In four weeks my maternity leave will start and I hope I will find some time to blog by then.

All pictures in this post are also shown on Twitpic and are taken with my Iphone and not edited.


Anki said...

Mooie buik! Eind mei, dat is ook al bijna.. Spannend, succes met de laatste loodjes.

Kim Welling said...

Hai wat leuk, het 'floddertje-thema'! Mijn favorite was altijd smeerkees ;)

Business Cards said...

I want the images to be ideal and create a awesome little something to go with them. For twitter posts, I just take images with my Iphone and that's that.