Tuesday, 30 August 2011


Wooden nesting dolls by Ingela P Arrhenius via Kidsdinge, wooden bird via Sissy Boy, softie via HEMA, vintage chair and blanket.
Last week I found a great surprise in the mail. Kerry from The Seventy Tree send me one of her beautiful 'Smile!' prints and two Dala horse cards. She wanted to thank me for sending her a little package with amongst others a VTwonen magazine in which her work was featured but which she never received from the publisher.

Top: Artwork by Hollie ChastainStanley Donwood, Sandra Juto. Number nine via VTwonen. Left chair via Yvestown. Below: Yellow balloon via PSikhouvanjou, postcards by Vincent van Gogh, Fiep Westendorp en Sanna Annukka. Tiny label by Bombina Studios. Framed bird card by Rural Pearl.
This gift really made my day and I immediately started to look for a nice place for the print. I first tried a spot on the chimney, but I thought there was enough artwork already. So I ended up making a whole arrangement in a nice corner of the living room, in stead of cleaning the house like I had planned. Know that feeling?
Actually I had intended to put up some small shelves there, but I like this so much, I'm not sure what to do with the shelves. I might still do that and frame Kerry's print later on, but for now I'm really happy with this corner.
Jeu de Paumes books via Yvestown and Juffrouw zonder Zorgen, vintage crocheting (haken) book via Ingthings, yellow notebook 'Smile' via Studio Stationary, white cup via Ikea.


Planet Fur said...

Leueuk hoekje! Allerlei leuks om te zien, heerlijk!

Deborah van de Leijgraaf said...

Wat mooi!!!

Iris said...

Hij hangt er goed. Heel leuk en lief! (Ook jouw actie trouwens.)

Yvonne Eijkenduijn said...

Wat ziet dat er mooi uit. Nog steeds blij met de aankoop van de stoeltjes?

Carly said...

Hai Marije,
Ik denk dat je nieuwe aanwinst van Nina goed tot je recht gaat komen in je mooie huis!
Ik heb inderdaad het bordje met dat huisje gekocht!

Hiskia said...

Gaaf hoekje! (en ja, ik ken dat...en dat je huis aan het eind van de dag nog niet is schoongemaakt :-D)

wall decals said...

Love this house, so clean!