Sunday, 6 June 2010


I went to Florence for a couple of days with my mom. It is such a beautiful city. Last time I went there was ten years ago, when I went on an Interrail trip to Italy with my boyfriend. I remember very well how impressed we were with al the amazing art. It was the first time I saw these kind of things. Since then we have visited many beautiful places and I was very curious how I would look at the same things with more experienced eyes.

It turned out that the things I had remembered all those years were the things I still loved most. All the other things I had simply forgotten, but all memories came back when I saw them again. And with them a lot of good romantic memories of our first big holiday together.

So I had a very good time. I also noticed that this time I noticed the beauty of the more ordinary things much more than the first time, when I was just amazed by all the famous stuff.

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quirk said...

Ja Florence is te gek!
Een van mijn lievelingssteden.
Mooie foto's!
En het nieuwe huis is ook erg mooi aan het worden.