Sunday, 13 June 2010

Italian magazines

Speaking about international magazines, in Florence I bought two Italian magazines. Of course, I can't really read them, but the pictures speak for themselves and I am able to find out what is written about the products (brand names, price, stuff like that). And that's enough, isn't it?

I didn't want to spend a lot of money on them, since I can't read them anyway. So I just choose some of the cheaper ones. There were many to choose from, so that wasn't a problem. I think the magazines are much cheaper in Italy than here in the Netherlands. The Casa Facile spoke to me right away, and was just 1,90 euro so I choose that one. The Hachette Home was packed in plastic, so I couldn't flip the pages, but since it was just one euro, I bought that one too.
It seems like there are more ads in it than in the Dutch magazines, but maybe that's just because the ads are new to me, so I might notice them more.

I don't know which one I like better, they are both good. If I had to choose, I would say the Hachette. I guess the CF is a little more low budget and DIY, like our Dutch 101 Woonideeen and the HH comes a little closer to our VTWonen. I really wish I had bought more magazines....

In the HH I saw a picture with a little stool in it that reminded me of Wood&Wool stools, which I adore. I love it when there are hand-made items in magazines, especially if I know them from the blogging world, it feels a little familiar right away. In this case I am not sure if it really is a Wood and Wool stool, the size seems a little different and I can't find the name in the texts. I will ask Irene of Wood& Wool Stool on her blog.


wood & wool stool said...

hej floddertje!
fijne vakantie foto's!
bedankt voor de tip. het krukje is inderdaad mijn ontwerp (wordt vervolgd) en ik wist niet dat het ook in Italiƫ al werd verkocht. Een scan van de pagina is van harte welkom. Binnenkort komt er een fotografe voor het magazine Casa Facile thuis foto's maken voor een publicatie.

Guusje said...

Jaaaa, wij moeten in dezelfde stad wonen! Wat leuk!!!!

Groetjes Guusje