Tuesday, 10 November 2009

vintage wallpaper

I've been away for a while. I went to Morocco and when I came back I had to start preparing for our new home. This Friday we finally get the key. We bought it more than 5 months ago, so it took a lot of patience. Last weeks I have been busy with selecting paint, wallpaper, floors, a couch and find some good professionals who can help to fix the stairs and walls. The top floor of our house, which is quite large, will be used as our bedroom and we want to style it in retro green with sand colors and some nice retro furniture. I would especially like to have a hanging rotan/rattan chair. Anyway, we first have to paint, place a floor and put some wallpaper on the wall before I can start thinking about furniture.
So, I bought vintage wallpaper for our bedroom from Swiet. It arrived today, but as it turned out, there were two different prints. I've send Swiet an e-mail and I'm sure they will take care of it. However, the colour of the wallpaper is exactly what I hoped for, so I am very pleased with it.
By the way, to colours in the photo are a bit different from the real thing. I just made a quit photo (with flash) to show the difference to Swiet. in real, it is, sand, lime green, olive green and orange.I'll show a better picture later on.

Edit 14/11: I chose the left one. Luckily, Swiet had still one (1)in stock, which arrived yesterday.


Anonymous said...

Those are both very cool patterns. Which is the one that you wish to keep? How funny that they sent 2 different ones.

Good luck!

Jee said...

Héy lieve Floddertje!

Wat een geweldig printje! Vind ze allebei leuk trouwens. Nou kom vanavond jullie huisje bewonderen, gezellig!

Dikke kus


Floddertje said...

How funny to meet both Allison and Judith on the same page. I how to introduce you two. Judith, Allison (Strawberryluna) is te artist who made your print!

About the wallpaper, I those the left one. Swiet had still one (1) in stock, which arrived yesterday. I guess I'm very lucky!