Sunday, 4 July 2010

screenprinting class (2)

On my third screenprinting class I tried to print a cushion and a towel, but it was more difficult than I expected. Especially to put the screen on the exact right place turn out to be quite difficult. I wanted to make multiple prints on the same fabric, but after the first print there is paint both on the fabric and on the screen, so it's not possible to try where the screen should be, because paint gets everywhere.

For the towel it put tape on the whole screen except for one line of oranges. I think it turned out quite nice even though the line isn't straight.

BTW, I tried to lighten up the photos in the online photo editor on I don't understand how these photos get so dark since the room they were made in is a very light room and it was a sunny day. I tried everything using different kinds of exposure and white balance. Anyway, I think it looks good enough to show here, but I wish I was able to take better pictures.

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